This area of the website contains some of the documents that related to the four-year levy covering calendar years 2015-2019 was passed by the Colville Community in 2014.

At our December 17th meeting, the Colville School District Board of Directors voted to place a levy measure on the ballot in February 2014. The levy would replace current measures that expire at the end of 2014.

The board reviewed information from open public forums, input forms, budget prioritization meetings, phone calls, and surveys, along with state and federal requirements and laws, as well as recommendations from the Community Input Group (LEAD Committee) as to an amount that they believe is needed and the community would support.

This proposed levy adequately 1) meets learning needs in student achievement, 2) maintains safe and healthy facilities, and 3) provides student programs that enhance learning, living, and contributing as world citizens. The school board accepted the Community Input Group’s recommendation and decided to run a $2,690,000 levy.

It is estimated to cost $2.77 per thousand dollars of assessed value on each home in their property taxes. The levy funding makes up about 20 percent (including levy equalization) of the district’s general fund budgeted revenues. It provides funding for basic items such as textbooks, additional staff,insurance, utilities, maintenance, teacher planning, preparation and training, athletics, extra-curricular activities, music programs, technology, transportation and safety and security.